In case you were curious, my name is Gerben Dangremond.

I am a native Dutch speaker and I have been a UK resident for ten years. I’ve actually been growing up with linguistic challenges all my life, being raised at home with parents speaking one dialect (Twents / Low Saxonian) and my friends speaking another (Limburgs /Low Franconian).

This instilled some linguistic skill and sensitivity and I can now proudly say that I speak Dutch, English, French and German, as well as a poor mix of Spanish and Italian.

When I was seventeen, I moved to France for a year, working as ‘jeune homme au-pair’. Upon my return, I went to university, to obtain an MSc in Psychology of Culture and Religion.

My first translation dates from that period, when I was involved in a no-budget student film project. The script was initially in French, but soon we decided to switch to English, and I took on the responsibility of translating the script. That was a daunting task and a lot of fun, as was the making of the film.

Afterwards, In the Netherlands I have always been working in a legal environment, the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service, where I was responsible for determining refugee status for asylum claimants. During the interviews I relied on the skills of the interpreters and my own cross-cultural skills.

In 2006, I decided to follow the love of my life to the United Kingdom where I settled in Manchester. Here, I have been working in market research, and sales. Eventually, I decided to set up my own business, working as a freelance translator.

Translation as a business is a different affair. I now work with computer aided translation software (Cafe Tran Espresso: fully Trados and MemoQ compatible), taking on assignments from all over the world. Sometimes it is hard to realise what you have been learning as you progress over the years, but quality control is has become the main priority. Being creative is one thing, but being able to revise at different levels is what makes the difference.

To keep my body in shape, and my mind sane, I sometimes leave my computer and go out running, do some yoga, or work out with my kettle bells.