Vintage translating

You might be an agency looking for a reliable freelancer, a business in need of an accurate translation at a competitive rate, or anyone serious about translation services that offer value for money.

I am an established translator who delivers quality translations in an extensive range of translation domains.

Below you will find an overview of my services, rates and overall logistics.

If you need a quote right away, please send me an e-mail with a description of the scope of your translation project (number of words, subject, delivery date and time, any particular needs). Alternatively, you can send me the original file for review.




My services include translation, editing, and proofreading. I am a native Dutch speaker and I translate into English and vice versa. I have translated close to a million words over the past three years in various linguistic domains such as legal, medical, financial, engineering, business communication, social sciences, and advertising.

I am capable of translating up to 3000 words a day, depending on the difficulty level.

File formats

I can take on any type of file, but it is always better to verify beforehand.





My standard rate is £80 per 1000 words, with a minimum of 500 words. I offer a volume discount: between 15k and 20k words, my rate is £70 per 1000 words. For projects over 20k words, my rate is £60 per 1000 words.


My standard rate for editing, revision or proofreading is £40 per 1000 words, with a minimum of 500 words.


If you are only looking for a quick check of syntax, spelling and punctuation, my rate is £20 per 1000 words, with a minimum of 500 words.

There is no VAT applicable.



Referral discount

If you would refer me to a friend or business partner, resulting in a completed project (with a minimum of 1000 words) you will be entitled to a 10% discount on the overall rate for your next project.


I will send an invoice after project delivery. Payment is due between the last week of the first month and the first week of the second month following project delivery, unless otherwise agreed.

Currency exchange rate

If you would use a different currency than GBP, the exchange rate will be determined by the exchange rate as per on the date of issuance of the purchase order, with a margin of 5%.

This means that if, due to fluctuations in exchange rates, the value of any of both currencies decreases with more than 5% before delivery of the project, the agreed overall rate can be adjusted with 5%. This way any adverse effect of a decrease in currency value will be mitigated.